Crispy Sausage Stuffed Olives Appetizer Recipe

Sausage Fried Olives News Anchor To Homemaker

Let me tell you about the time I accidentally took my in-laws to a topless show.

Did you have a second to digest that?  Good.  Here’s what happened. They came to visit us here in Las Vegas and I thought it would be a good idea to see a classic Vegas Showgirl kind of show.  I just envisioned girls in elaborate costumes with the big feather hat things. There was some of that…but mostly it was just boobies, boobies and more boobies.  The look on their sweet southern conservative faces!

Oh well, I’m sure it’s a story we’ll talk about for years to come!  I’m hoping it gets a laugh or two at The Novice Gardner’s Fiesta Friday.

But before I subjected them to the nudie show, we went to a restaurant at the Cosmopolitan.  I thought the main dishes were just okay, but the appetizer was outstanding–Sausage Stuffed Fried Olives.

These would be a great at your next get-together.


Sausage Stuffed Fried Olives

Prep: 10

Total: 20


1 16 oz Jar of Green Olives, Rinsed and Drained (If you can only find the kind with Pimentos…they are very easy to remove with a toothpick)

1 Hot Italian Sausage Link, Removed from Casing

1 Cup of Flour

2 Eggs

1 Cup of Italian Bread Crumbs

4 Cups of Vegetable or Canola Oil

Marinara Sauce (Click here for my recipe)


Rinse and drain olives.  Remove sausage from casing.  With a toothpick, stuff olives with sausage.  Set up an assembly line of a small plate with flour, a small bowl of 2 beaten eggs and another small plate of bread crumbs.  Roll the olives in flour, then egg, then bread crumbs.  Heat a large skillet on medium high heat with oil. Place Olives in pan and cook for about 3 minutes until you can see the bottom browning.  Flip the olives once and cook for about another 3 minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon onto a paper towel to drain.  Let cool and serve with tomato sauce. 

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Crispy Olives NewsAnchorToHomemaker

67 thoughts on “Crispy Sausage Stuffed Olives Appetizer Recipe

  1. Those look awesome! I’m always looking for new canapes! BTW, Melissa was my boss for a while, and we still work for the same outfit. She told me about your blog today. She reads mine occasionally, or says she does…total lurker!!


  2. LOL…Julianne, that’s too funny! I hope they enjoyed the show! The stuffed olives, by the way, demand some serious attention! They would rival any nudie show, hands down! I won’t pay attention one bit to any boobies if these were around! Btw, Julianne, link-up is open! Thanks, hon, for the laugh and the excellent recipe! XOXO


  3. I think these olives could totally make up for any accidental topless show! I’ve been thinking of making something like this for a few weeks but couldn’t exactly put together how to accomplish it. I will definitely be trying these!


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  5. LOL! Love the nudie story! What a hoot (er)! Pardon the pun! 🙂 Wow! Your recipe will go over really well in my family – they are all crazy for olives and this is an awesome twist. Yum!


  6. I did have a good chuckle about taking your in-laws to a show in Las Vegas – I can just picture their faces! Now, if they were my parents – Ha! Ha! I know some people who would love these sausage/olive bites – thanks for sharing 🙂


  7. These do look so good – next time I have to bring an appetizer I’ll be making them. Love the story too. I once rented a video when my in-laws were visiting. It was an old Graham Greene classic remade – but remade with so much sex. When I told my mother-in-law I needed to return the video she said, “Just burn it.” Ooops.


  8. Oh..hahahahaha!! I had to read the first sentence a couple of times so that I wrapped my brain around the fact that you took your in-laws to a topless Vegas show!! Lol.. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious!! 🙂
    And the sausage stuffed olives? wow…delicious. My daughter Jessica will love these!! She is my olive freak in the house!! Hilarious post…wonderful recipe!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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  10. very funny indeed. A business trip to Paris once included a visit to the Moulin Rouge, which is really not a hyper nudie show type environment, I wasn’t there but I quizzed colleagues who were, apparently the situation really showed up the cultural difference of what people find excruciatingly embarrassing, probably enhanced by the business setting: zero issues in the French co-workers to most issues in the US colleagues.


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  12. Haha! Love the story, that sounds like something I would do! And these crispy olives – YUM! I had something like this at an Italian restaurant once and every so often dream about trying to re-create them. These look delicious and not too difficult – thanks so much for sharing! -Laura


  13. LOL! ok, wow, you’re poor in laws.
    As for the recipe, I’m not a huge olive fan, something about being 2 years old and eating a full bowl at some party before my parents realized it. BUT, this recipe looks really intriguing and something I might just have to give a try.


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