The Best Cake Pop Recipe

Purple Cake Pops


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I don’t like baking.  My mother in law doesn’t either.  BUT she was nice enough to make these cake pops for Violet’s first birthday party.  I’ve had a lot of cake pops and these are THE best.  They keep well (the leftovers go great with coffee) freeze well and they make a pretty statement at a party.  Here’s how she does them.


Momma Deb’s Cake Pops

Makes 28-32


Cake Mix (Any Flavor)

Cream Cheese Frosting (store bought or make your own)

Candy Melts

Lolly Pop Sticks


Prepare cake mix cake according to the directions.  Bake and let cool.  Then crumble. Add spoonfuls of cream cheese frosting to the cake crumbs, just add enough to get the crumbs to stick together.  Frosting can be homemade or store bought.

This is where there is no other tools besides your hands – mix the crumbs and frosting until you can form a ball the size of a walnut.  Melt a small amount of candy, dip the stick in the chocolate and insert into the ball.  Place the cake pops in the freezer at this point, just to harden the white chocolate. Freeze for about 30 minutes.

Last step, melt the chocolate candy pieces and dip the balls.  Sprinkles can also be added at this stage.  It is best to stick the cake pops in Styrofoam for display.


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13 thoughts on “The Best Cake Pop Recipe

  1. Funny I normally don’t like sweets all that much, but I can really scarf down a couple of Starbucks’ cake pops, I love them! This definitely looks simple enough for me to make and not goof up.


  2. I’ve used this exact recipe to make red velvet cake pops for my boys on two occasions (most recently for Valentines Day). They are definitely the best!! And your daughter is beautiful. 🙂


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