Violet’s Purple Themed First Birthday Party {Easy, Thrifty}

News Anchor to Homemaker

1st Bday

We threw Violet her first birthday party over the weekend in the theme of her nursery: purple and sweet.  Partly because I still love her nursery (read about it here) but also because I didn’t want to spend an absurd amount of money on a party that was more for our enjoyment than for hers.  Chances are, you spent months picking out things for your baby’s nursery…and chances are not that many people have actually seen his/her nursery…why not show it off and same some money in the process?

Purple Bday Party

All of the pictures and candles are from her nursery, smart, right?  I did however spend money on this table setting.  Since we realized the party would be for us than for her…we wanted it to be something we enjoyed.  So, why not a dinner party?  P.S. I’ll use this again for Easter!

Purple Table on News Anchor To Homemaker

Isn’t it pretty?  Purple overload I…

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6 thoughts on “Violet’s Purple Themed First Birthday Party {Easy, Thrifty}

  1. Hi Jillian! I’m now getting caught up with what you’ve been up to lately ;). As you may have read I took an intentionally month off from blogging. But now that I’m back in business- I’m excited to have read your recent posts! Great job on Violet’s birthday bash! She looked darling and the purple theme was just perfect for her 🙂 . BTW, I don’t know if I missed it- but did you guys find out where you are moving to?


    • It was fun reading your post this morning. That anniversary trip looked amazing! No, we have not found out where we are going yet. We were told the latest would be this past monday…which has come and gone and no word. Starting to get frustrated. I honestly will be happy with anything on our list, but about half of the locations I could work at. And if we end up in one of those locations, I’d like to start putting feelers out there. I definitely feel like we are at a stand-still right now. I’d like to know if I should keep trying to bust it blogging and “trying to make it” or if I should be trying to get back into news. So, that response was probably much more detailed than you were anticipating! But, I enjoy keeping up with you, thanks for asking.


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