We’re moving to_____ AND We’re ______!


We have two big announcements to share with you…

Moving Announcement 3pregnancy announcement 3

Let me tell you about the most emotional day of my life. It was May 8th and I was a nervous wreck. We knew we were going to find out where we were getting stationed. Although I was nervous, I also felt confident that we were getting something on our list of 20 (I wrote about it here.) I was confident because another resident in Andy’s group, who did not get anything on his list, got a heads up from the commander. So, we were good, right?

The commander wanted to tell the remaining residents where they were getting PCS’d over a pizza party…that also sounded good, right?  So, my girlfriend and I decided to have a pizza party of our own and wait for our husbands to call.  She got the call first, they got something on their list!  And then I waited.  And I waited.  And he finally called and said, “It’s not good…we’re going to Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.”  I hung up the phone, I sat down, and I felt shell-shocked.  I apologized to Rachelle and told her I had to go home.

The first thing I did of course was I called my mom and I cried…a lot  How could this happen?  I know I said there were “no worst case scenarios” (read about it here) but this caught me really off guard.  What was worse, was that I could tell Andy was so upset he couldn’t talk about it.

That afternoon, I don’t know how to explain it, but I had an old pregnancy test laying around and for some reason I took it. I wasn’t that late.  We weren’t trying to get pregnant, in fact we were taking measures to not get pregnant, but I had this weird feeling.  I did the test and as I waited for the results I said this prayer, “God, if I am pregnant, please let this be a positive test,” and right then and there, it was.

After calling my mom, again, and crying a lot, again, I realized 2 very specific prayers I had been praying for months had been answered. 1) I asked God to show me if I was supposed to go back to work or not. This cleared that up. For starters, there are no news stations in Alamogordo, New Mexico. And with two under the age of two, I don’t think I’ll have much time to devote my energy to anything else. 2) We asked God to put us in the best place for Andy’s career.  He wants to be an orthodontist and the Air Force only takes two candidates a year.

See, Andy and I took a bit of a gamble with our list.  We either wanted to be closer to family, or we wanted a big adventure, like Europe.  We started realizing that Europe could potentially hurt his career because if he got into Ortho, he would have to get a waiver to come back.  They fill the European bases first and we ranked them really high and it was likely that we could get one of those slots.

Two weeks before finding out where we were stationed I sent Andy this text message. Cannon is another base in New Mexico, by the way.


I truly believe that God answered this prayer.  According to a lot of the higher-ups we’ve talked to, a small base like Holloman could really help his chances of getting into ortho.

On our orders it states the day we were assigned to Holloman. The other residents in Andy’s group were assigned back in March or April. Andy was assigned May 7th, the day the assignments were sent out to the commanders. I believe it was a last minute switch.

It was a God moment.

Fast- forward to now, we are really excited about having this baby!  So far this pregnancy has been tougher than my last, but what a miracle! I’m 12 weeks along and I’m due in mid-January.


We are also really excited about moving to New Mexico.  Being from the southeast, I’ve never really heard much of anything about the state (which was probably the reason for my initial fear)  but after doing some research, I know we will get to see so much beauty in the “Land of Enchantment”.  It was my favorite state in last year’s cross-country road trip (read about it here) and we’ve talked to several people who have been stationed there and we feel that it’s where we are supposed to be.

This past year in Las Vegas has been the best year of my life and I know 27 (today is my birthday) will be full of adventure, challenges and more love than ever I’ve ever known.

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This was how I told Andy I was pregnant, by the way!

The Benefits of Waiting

The Benefit of WAITING. A story about God's plan for us. #Christian Perspective

This article is a follow-up piece to:  “To Work or Not To Work, Let the Cards Fall”

We filled out the dream list. We thought we’d know by now. They assured by the end of March, we’d know. March came and went. Then, an email promising that it would be no later than the second Monday in April. Monday passed. Each day we heard that we would find out, I spent it pacing and feeling like I was going to get sick. I stared at my phone. Any time it beeped, I pounced on it like a starving jungle cat. Nothing.

Waiting can be agonizing. Waiting for an admissions letter, waiting on a call about a job, waiting for test results; there’s nothing fun about waiting.

The worst round of waiting I’ve ever been through was trying to get pregnant (I’ll dedicate a full post to this later.) Every month we waited and every month ended in disappointment. I didn’t do well during the waiting. In fact, I’m embarrassed to think about how horribly I failed most months at keeping it together. All of that stress, all of that worry, all of that fear and then a miracle… a second pink line appeared.

I’ve spent the last few weeks feeling paralyzed. That may seem dramatic, but I don’t know how else to describe it. I’ve felt as though I don’t want to make another move until we know where we are headed. That’s why I haven’t been posting as much. Whether I try to find news job or not depends largely on where we get stationed next. Stress, worry and fear were once again filling my days.

And then it happened: peace. Somewhere between taking a blogging break, reading Max Lucado’s “Six Hours One Friday” and Easter Sunday, the worrying stopped. You see, I also spent that time researching. I researched the worst-case scenarios. There are 4 bases that pretty much get left empty each year. They are the “unmentionables” as one of Andy’s superiors put it harshly. So, I wanted to prepare myself in case we get one of the “unmentionable” places.

Andy and I thought Las Vegas was an “unmentionable”. Anyone in the military is probably laughing at this. At his interview for residency, the interviewer told him that he would “definitely” get one of his top 3 choices. That’s what we prepared for. Las Vegas was number 7. All we could think of was a dirty desert with neon lights. How were we going to have a baby in a sandbox labeled “Sin City”?  Then we got here. We were so wrong.  Las Vegas is surrounded by mountains and canyons and is arguably the most beautiful place we’ve ever lived. More than that, we have wonderful friends and Andy has made great connections, we both feel that we were meant to be here. Even though it wasn’t part of our plan, we think it was part of God’s plan for us.

And that’s how we got Violet. If we had baby any sooner, it would have been a big financial stress. I’m going to let you in on a little secret: starting out news personalities make next to nothing. I have no idea how we could have afforded day care if we had a baby any sooner. Not to mention, that baby would not have been Violet. Violet is the child we were supposed to have and she came in God’s perfect timing. He was looking out for us even when we were not listening.

I’ve never learned more in my life than in periods of waiting; the biggest lesson: God is in control and I am not. God’s plans supersede my own.  God’s plans are better than my own, our own.

His plan > Our Plan.

So, with that in mind, I’ve decided that there are no “unmentionables” in my book. If we get something that’s not on our list of 20, we will make the most of our situation. We will choose joy and we will have peace knowing that it’s His will.

Proverbs 19:21

Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.

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4 Things I’ve Given Up Since Becoming a Mom

4 Things I Gave Up when I became a Mom www.newsanchortohomemaker.com

Since Violet turned one earlier this month, I’ve been reflecting on not only how she’s changed, but also how I’ve changed.  More accurately, how she changed me.  Her first year of life was one of the craziest I’ve ever gone through.  If becoming a mom wasn’t enough, I quit my job, was homeless for a month, moved across the country and become a stay at home mom.  It was kind of nuts.  Amidst the chaos, I feel a new peace in my life.  I’ve given up a lot because of her.  That’s something a mom isn’t supposed to say, but I’m happy that the following things are gone (by that, I really mean less present) from my life. This article should be called “What I’ve Improved on Since Becoming a Mom”, but that doesn’t make for a catchy title!  I was in news for nearly 5 years, after all.

1)  Insecurity.  This is a real quote from my husband a couple of years back, “You can chase down murderers, but you can’t call the pizza guy?”  It’s true.  I’m sure if some of my old colleagues are reading this, they probably won’t believe it, but I had the oddest insecurities in my pre-mom life.  I was very confident at work.  And yes, I did chase down a murderer, corrupt politicians and bad business owners with a microphone…but if a waitress got my order wrong, I wouldn’t dare say anything to correct her.  I even had a hard time making eye contact with strangers.  Because of my insecurities, I cared way too much about what others thought of me.  Recently I had an old co-worker tell me that someone at the station was making fun of my blog…in my old life I would have lost a night of sleep over this.  Now, I just feel sorry for her.  My point is that motherhood, not being a semi-powerful reporter, has brought me a newfound confidence.  I realized that I couldn’t be afraid of little things because I have someone who needs me for every aspect of her life.  One day she’ll need me to stand up for her and protect her and when that day comes I won’t let my old insecurities stand in the way.

2)  Freaking Out.  Patience was always a virtue that I lacked.  I would let something, or someone, bother me so much that all of those frustrations would eventually come to the surface and I would blow a gasket.  When it took us a while to get pregnant I had many of these meltdown moments.  When a weekend reporter didn’t do what I told them to do, I lost it.  I deeply regret this kind of behavior and I realized it doesn’t fly with a baby around.  There are bad days with babies, just like there are bad days at work. Nothing can be solved by “losing it” around a little one…or at work for that matter.  Moms are portrayed in the media as being frazzled creatures living a life of chaos.  Sure, there are days like that, but motherhood has actually had the opposite effect on me, it has made me more calm.

3)   Selfishness.  Before becoming a mom, I looked out for number 1.  Even when it came to Andy.  He pointed out to me once that he always asked me about my day first, I never asked him.  Granted, even he’ll admit that my days (chasing down bad guys) were more interesting to talk about than pulling teeth, but it didn’t matter.  I was more concerned with my busy job than I was with anything else.  I thought I worked the hardest and couldn’t be bothered with things.  I rarely volunteered to help a friend or with much of anything because I was too busy and I thought I needed down time.  Now, I want to be the first to offer help to a friend.  Now, I want to not only know how my husband’s day went, but I want to know how I can make all of his days better. Sure, I was busy before, but having a baby makes you prioritize not only your time, but the things that matter most.

4)   Chaos.  Motherhood has made me more disciplined.  Before I was very disciplined in one area of my life, you guessed it, work.  I let other things get out of hand.  I rarely exercised, our house was normally a wreck, I’d let a to-do list pile up for months.  Now, I’m more balanced.  Yes, part of this is because being a stay at home mom allows me to have more time.  However, I think even if I choose to go back to work, I will figure out a way to keep my house, my health and errands in check.  Why?  Because you have to be organized when you have a little one.  You have to be focused with your time to make sure that you are being the best mom and wife you can be.

Sure, I still struggle with insecurity, patience, selfishness and being balanced, but I’ve definitely improved and I hope that I keep improving.  For this and much more, I thank my sweet one year old.  She doesn’t know it yet, but I’m a better wife, better friend and better person because of her.

4 Ways Becoming a Mom Changes You www.newsanchortohomemaker.com

5 Things You Learn Baby’s First Year





5 Things you Learn Baby's First Year

As we celebrate Violet’s first birthday this week, I wanted to take some time and look back at what we’ve learned in her first year of life—the only time she’ll ever be a baby. I hope these little lessons help other new parents out there.

Five Things You Learn the First Year

1)  A FLEXIBLE Schedule is King. I read something before quitting my job and following my husband to Vegas (read more here) that stay-at-home moms can become too obsessive about scheduling. I thought “Yeah, right!” Then it happened. My girlfriends asked me to do lunch one day and I told them that I had to grocery shop. What? Why? Because Tuesdays at 11 (after Violet’s morning nap) is when we go to the grocery store. I quickly called them back and told them I’d be there. I went to the grocery store at 3 and we both survived. On the other hand, I’ve seen moms not put babies on a schedule at all and it seems too chaotic. Without a schedule, how do you know when your baby is hungry verses tired or just cranky? Your baby needs a schedule, but you need to live life, too. I really believe a flexible schedule…one that you stick to, but can bend the rules sometimes too, is the best medicine.


2)   SLEEP Makes the World Go Round. When you first have a baby…you are pumped. You run on adrenalin. The baby wakes up every 3 hours, no problem because you’ve got this! Then…that adrenalin runs out. For me it was around 6 weeks. At 7 weeks we started sleep training Vi and it worked like a charm. Get this book “12 Hours Sleep by 12 Weeks Old” and get it now! I knew it was special when she was 10 weeks old. Andy and I put Violet down for the night, we went down stairs and his parents (who had 3 babies) said, “That’s it?” They were amazed that we could just put her down and she went to sleep…and stayed asleep for nearly 12 hours! You have to let them cry it out at first, but it’s better (and healthier) for everyone once the baby is sleeping through the night.


3)  Carve out Time for your Baby. As Violet turns 1, I’ve been having a lot of “Did I soak it all in?” feelings. You know what? I think I did pretty well. Babies are babies for only a year. I’ve heard that a lot. It’s true, even though the days can be long, it still goes by fast. Once all of the craziness of Violet’s first few months was over (quitting, being homeless, being separated from Andy and a cross-country trip) and we moved to Vegas, I knew I needed to make sure I was really enjoying her and that she really got quality mommy time. So, each morning she gets 1 hour of my full attention. No phone, no computer, we do nothing but play and learn until it’s time for breakfast. That way I know that no matter what happens that day, I appreciated her and all of her baby cuteness.


4)  Buy a FEW Outfits you Love. This one may seem kind of random, but it’s one thing I would change. If you don’t care what clothes your baby wears (and there’s nothing wrong with that) skip to number 5. Violet has some beautiful clothes, most of them were gifts. I hardly every put her in play clothes. By that I mean, I bought some cheap outfits (or received some cheap outfits that I didn’t take back) that she has never worn. Because of that I have major guilt when I look into her closet. If I could do it over again, I would buy a few nice (but comfortable) things from stores I love and do her laundry more often. I know this will change as she gets older and starts coming home with popsicle and grass stains on her clothes, but babies are so fun to dress up…and again, they are only babies for a year.


5)  Make the Best Plans…Then LAUGH on the Days They don’t work. You have to plan ahead once you have a baby.   You can’t go grocery shopping if it’s time for the baby to eat or sleep…and when you do go to the grocery store you better have a paci, diapers, wipes and maybe a burp cloth or two. You have to plan ahead in order to avoid little disasters. However, some disasters are unavoidable. You’re going to get peed on at some point…or even worse. Your baby will have a public meltdown. She will projectile vomit on a relative. These things happen and there’s no sense in worrying or making a big deal over it. Your life isn’t awful because your baby decided to be a baby today. Catalog the memory and remember that one day it will make a great story.


And remember this “Comparison is the thief joy.”

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What you Learn the First Year


5 Things You Learn the First Year

How To Do the Grand Canyon in a Day…With a Baby-Travel Tips and Review

How to do a Grand Canyon in a Day with a Baby News Anchor To Homemaker

We had the best New Years Eve ever this past December, we went to Grand Canyon National Park for 24 hours.  It was just as stunning as I thought it would be. Pictures can’t do it justice, but I’ll try with a couple.

IMG_1190 IMG_1193 IMG_1209 IMG_1210 IMG_1211 IMG_1217 IMG_1226

These pictures were taken on New Years Eve. In the Winter the North Rim is closed, only the South Rim is open.  All of these pictures were taken from the South Rim.   I have a lot of experience traveling with our little one, we’ve gone cross-country road trip, a long weekend trip to California, a cross-country plane trip and much more that I haven’t written about just yet.  This trip was very easy…here’s how we did it!

How to Do the Grand Canyon in 24 Hours with a Baby

Stay at a Hotel inside the Park.  This made everything much simpler.  We could walk out of our room and BAM, Grand Canyon.  We wanted to stay at El Tovar, but it was booked. BOOK EARLY.  We stayed at the Kachina Lodge, which is right next door.  The rooms are fine, not fantastic, but they are fine.

Do the Trail of Time.  It’s right outside the El Tovar and Kachina.  Since we were staying for such a short time, we just wanted to soak in the sights… we weren’t concerned with doing serious hiking.  The Trail of Time is PAVED.  My husband used his super hiking baby carrier because he had just gotten it for Christmas, but we could have used a stroller.

Take the Bus Back to the Hotel.  Chances are the baby is tired by now.  There’s a bus system in the park…it’s very easy to follow.  Just hop on and you’ll be back in 10 minutes.

Watch the Sunset.  We did this from outside Kachina, but this was not the best view.  If you have time, hop on the bus and go to the Western part of the South Rim.  The concierge desk at El Tovar is very helpful.  They can give you the best location to get off at.  Don’t forget to bring a bottle of bubbly like we did…everyone was jealous!





Eat Dinner at the El Tovar Dining Room- Make a reservation!  If you are not staying at El Tovar, you can only book a MONTH out.  Yes, you read that right, a month.  The restaurant is very good.  And it’s worth it.  It’s not the type of restaurant you would normally bring a baby to, but because you’re at a National Park…it’s just fine.  It’s not a super quiet restaurant and Vi (who was 8 months old at the time) did great.

Here are our pictures from the next day.

IMG_1241 IMG_1246 IMG_1242 IMG_1248 IMG_1259 IMG_1251 IMG_1250 IMG_1275 IMG_1261 IMG_1278 IMG_1277 IMG_1282 IMG_1281 IMG_1280 IMG_1305 IMG_1302 IMG_1299

Watch the Sunrise- Let’s face it, if you have a baby…you’re up anyways.  If your baby gets up really early, catch a bus to one of the best spots.  Again, ask the concierge at El Tovar for a suggestion.  Violet is not a super early riser, so we just watched it from outside Kachina.  It may not have been the best spot, but it was still lovely.

Eat Breakfast at El Tovar- Yes, you just ate there there the night before, but the breakfast there is also really good!  Be bolder than we were and ask for a window seat.  Gorgeous view.

Go To the West Part of the South Rim- So parking really stinks inside the park, but this is worth taking your car to…especially if you’re leaving after.  There are a lot of stops along the rim trail.  We drove to the end and got out and walked a bit.  My favorite spots were Powell Point and Pima Point. Powell has a very cool monument and amazing views.  You can see (and hear) the river from Pima Point.

This is how we did it in 24 hours.  We had a great time!  I would only change one thing about our trip…I wish we would have scouted out the best views for sunrise/sunset.  Other than that, it was quite perfect.  Don’t forget if you are military (like we are) you get into the park for free!

Where have you taken your little ones lately? Let me know in the comments section.

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How To Fly with a Baby ALONE

5 Tips to Fly with a Baby Alone

A couple of weeks ago I was the most nervous I’ve ever been.  Like, ever.  I was even more nervous than I was traveling cross-country with my baby.  I had to fly with sweet Vi by myself for over 4 hours.  But on the way to the airport something amazing happened.  My good friend Ruth texted me and told me “You got this.” It changed my attitude. Instead of fear, I was going to be super-mom. And super-mom you are when it’s just you, a baby and a teeny tiny chair…oh and sitting next to you is a guy who says, “I hope she doesn’t cry”.

Well, she didn’t cry.  She barely even whined.  For over 4 hours!  Some of this was pure luck, I admit.  But, some of it was strategy and I’m going to share with you what I learned.  I’m going to break this down from before the flight, getting from your car and to the gate, to the actual flight.  Each sections has 5 tips.

Before the Flight

1) Pack light. Look at yourself in the mirror and repeat after me, “I will not over-pack, I will not over-pack, I will not over-pack.” I packed one large suitcase with both my and Vi’s stuff. We were there for 2 weeks, trust me, you can get through with less.

2) Do not pack a roll-on carry on. Like I said, pack light.  The less you have to bring with you through security, the better. Instead of packing a roll-on, consider packing a second diaper bag. In my second diaper bag I packed Emergency stuff. A change of clothes for me, (in case I got puked, peed, etc. on) A third change of clothes for her and medicine.

3) Check In online

Pack on a Plane with Baby NewsAnchorToHomemaker

4) Strategically pack your diaper bag. Here is what you will need:  Diapers, Wipes, Blanket, a few Small Toys, a lot of Puffs, Travel Clorox Wipes, (you don’t even want to know what they looked like when I wiped down the seat, tray and window) BottlesTravel Packs of Formula, Pacifier Clip (if your baby takes a paci…this is a must…I learned this the hard way) I Pad, (so helpful) Portable DVD Player, (I didn’t have this and I wish I had) Baby Einstein DVD (I couldn’t get youtube to work on the plane), Baby’s Birth Certificate (super important),  Your Wallet, Dropper Stopper, Change of Baby Clothes. Yes, I fit all of this in there and I used all of it!

5) You also need a mommy hook. Please go buy a mommy hook right now. It’s to hold your diaper bags while you go through the airport.


From The Car to the Gate:

1) Pack the base of your car seat like this:

Fly Alone with Baby |NewsAnchorToHomemaker

The base will be your free baby item that you can check at ticketing. Since your car seat and stroller are connected, they are considered essential baby items to get you through the airport, they are also free. This is why I prefer to bring the car/seat stroller instead of the Baby Carrier as I’ve seen other people suggest.

2) You pull your suitcase while pushing the baby in the car seat/stroller. Don’t worry your checking your bag, all you have to do is get to the ticket counter

3) After you get your ticket, it’s security time. This is tricky, but don’t worry, it will be over in a couple of minutes. First unload everything from the stroller. The stroller and the car seat have to go through the scanner. Remove your electronics from your diaper bag and your shoes. When all of this is done, pick up the baby and go through the metal detector. If you have water in your bottles, the security guys will go through it…but it’s ok, it gives you time to get all of your stuff back together. Don’t worry, someone will offer to help you!

4) At the gate. 30 Minutes before boarding, make sure you go to the bathroom. Roll the stroller into the handicap stall. 20 Minutes before boarding make sure you change the baby’s diaper.

5) Breakdown the Stroller and Car Seat. Bring these bags or something like it to put the carseat and stroller in. You buy these at Babies R Us.

Fly Alone with Baby NewsAnchortohomemaker

So breaking them down is tricky.  On my first flight a guy from Southwest saw me and broke down my car seat and stroller for me before we boarded.  I didn’t get the same courtesy on the second flight.  You have to go all the way down the air tunnel before breaking them down.  There’s a little space before the airplane door to do this, this is also where you leave the car seat and stroller.  I had to have someone hold Violet to do this.

5 Tips Flying Alone with Baby

On the Flight:

1) IPad is king. Vi loves the app Funny Animals App. There’s lots of baby apps out there to download before the flight.

2) Puffs are your friend. These were great entertainment for her. She liked grabbing in the bag for them, spreading them out on the (cloroxed) airplane tray. They were a mess but worth it.

3) Toys. Wrap your dropper stopper around a toy. You hold one end, she holds the toy. It will prevent you from chasing toys up and down the aisle, I learned this the hard way

4) Change the baby’s diaper. If you are on a long flight, you are going to have to do this at some point. I did this on the seat. This is why I prefer an aisle seat.

5) Sleep. Get the baby to sleep. Pull out your 5 S’s (from Happiest Baby on the Block) and get that baby to sleep if you can! Vi slept for about an hour each flight.

Just keep rotating activities. This is what kept Vi happy and I hope it keeps your baby happy, too!

Stay calm, you got this. Happy flying! For car traveling tips with a baby (and a dog) click here.

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To Work or Not to Work? Let the Cards Fall

Work or SAHM

Imagine this.  Someone hands you piece of paper and on that paper you get to write down almost anywhere in the world you’d like to live.  It’s called a dream list.  Doesn’t it sound, well, dreamy?  If you’re not familiar with the military, it probably does, if you are, then probably not.

A dream list is what Uncle Sam gives military members to fill out when they get close to PCSing (permanent change of station) or moving.  For dentists, this list is huge.  We had to put 20 bases on our dream list.  That’s 20 places in the world we’d like to move to.  It’s not easy.  Sure, there are 20 places we’d be okay moving to, but excited about, “dreamed” about?  I’m not so sure.

We toiled over this for 2 days.  We used blogs, Trip Advisor, Wikipedia…anything that could give us a better glimpse of where we might be moving to next.

Knowing that our stay in Vegas would be a very short one, I’d already imagined getting this dream list before we moved here.  I just assumed that I would take this year off and then when the list came down we would fill it with places that had news stations, preferably in small to medium size markets. We would stack the deck.

Work or SAHM Poker

In life, that’s all we can really do, isn’t it?  We try to hedge our bets.  We get a 4 year degree with the hope that it will land us a higher paying job, we eat healthy foods to prevent disease, we move to high cost areas so our kids will hopefully get a better education.  Even though we can and should prepare for the future, the future sometimes has a different plan.

For the first time in my life (and probably Andy’s, too) we decided to simply roll the dice.  No stacking, no hedging, no doubling-down, we just put down cities where we we’d like to go.

When we got the list, instead of thinking where I could continue my career as a TV News Personality, I just kept thinking where I’d like our next family adventure to be.  Things are becoming clearer since I last wrote about being a stay at home mom.  I feel more complete than I ever have before.  I’m not tied down to contacts and deadlines and managing two iPhones at night.  Instead it’s changing diapers, doing laundry, making Andy lunches (which I’ve actually come to enjoy).  These things may sounds tedious and boring, but taking care of my family has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done.

So, even though I’ve prepped for my future career, life seems to be taking a different turn.  Go figure, right?  I’m not saying “no” to news or work outside the home just yet; I’m just saying I love my life right now.  If the right opportunity presents itself at our next assignment, fantastic.  If not, maybe even better.

For now, our fate rests in a guy named Fred’s hands.  I’d like to think God has a hand in it too. He has been with us in every other big moment in our lives. So, we’re tossing all our cards to Him, let them fall where they may.

And Fred, if you’re reading this, please don’t let our card fall on Alaska.

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Work or SAHM