10 Things You Must Do in Las Vegas (Travel Review)

10 Things you must do in Las Vegas

Here’s a list of 10 things you must do when traveling to Las Vegas.

We have absolutely loved living in Las Vegas for the past year. Although we are a little tired of the Strip now (may have more to do with being pregnant) we loved taking guests there throughout the year. We are not club people, so I do not have any reviews on clubs, but we have gambled, seen shows and ate at lots of good restaurants.  Here are my must-do’s when you visit Las Vegas.


1)   Go See Vegas! The Show.  This is one of the first things we did here and I enjoyed it more than any other show we’ve seen.  The show takes you through a little bit of Vegas history and features the famous singers that have come through this iconic city.  It takes you through the Rat Pack, Elvis and up to Elton John.  It’s just fabulous.  By the way, shows at Planet Hollywood have a military discount.

2)   Eat with view of the Bellagio Fountains. Our favorite restaurants with a fountain view are Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris and Olives at the Bellagio. Both are great and reasonable for the strip. The outdoor fountain view is first come first serve, so be prepared to wait. If you have a reservation, or if you go early, you’re more likely to cut down your wait time. At Mon Ami, if you have a reservation you can request a window seat, which is just as good.  If you go to Olives, make a stop inside the Bellagio’s lobby.  They have an over-the-top garden display that changes seasonally.


Outdoor Seating at Olives with view of the Bellagio Fountains


View of Bellagio Fountains from Olives


Mon Ami Gabi window table with view of Bellagio Fountains

3)   Get drinks at the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan.  So, it’s a three-story bar…inside a chandelier!  Oh, how I love the Cosmopolitan.  I will miss it.  Just being there makes you feel fancy. Sure, the drinks are expensive, but they are everywhere (unless you’re gambling, then they’re free, just tip!).  When we’ve gone to the Chandelier on the weekends, they’ve also had live music.  Sip and stay a while, it’s worth it.


Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel


Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan Hotel


4)   Gamble at Paris.  Paris is by far our favorite place to gamble on the strip.  We’re not huge gamblers, and that’s why we love it.  The dealers are super nice and laid back.  And they actually have some lower table limits compared to the other places on the strip.


5)   Have Drinks at The Wynn’s Lake of Dreams.  This place is so neat.  It’s an outdoor bar with a cooky light show.  You feel like you are in another land, far away from the strip.  If you go to Vegas any time other than Summer, it’s SO nice to sit outside.


The Lake of Dreams at the Wynn


Inside the Wynn Hotel

6)  Go see a Cirque show.  There are so many to choose from.  We loved “O” at the Bellagio. I’ve also heard that the Michael Jackson one at Mandalay Bay and Love (Beatles) at the Mirage are great.  I’ve been told to avoid Ka.

7)  Fremont Street (downtown) area.  Okay, Fremont is a freak show.  Literally.  But it’s a fun change from the strip.  Some things to do in the area: gamble (of course) the Mob Museum, the Neon Museum and eat at Park…great restaurant with out-door seating!


Fremont Street Light Show


The Mob Museum in Downtown Las Vegas

8)  Walk Around the Venetian.  The Venetian is probably my favorite overall hotel/casino on the Strip.  It’s so impressive.  It’s a great place to gamble, the mall area is so cute and they have a very impressive square in the mall where you can sometimes listen to live music and get gelato.


Inside the Venetian mall area with Gondola

9)  Eat at the Aria. We haven’t been disappointed by any of the restaurants we’ve been to in the Aria hotel.  If you’re looking for something upscale, Sage, is probably the best meal we had on the strip.  Lemongrass and Javier’s were also great non-expensive restaurants.


Inside the Aria Hotel


Inside the Aria Hotel

10)  Go experience Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire. Both of these parks are wonderful.  If you just want to see some cool stuff but don’t want to hike, I’d suggest Red Rock. It has a 13 mile loop you can drive around on. Red Rock also has restaurants and shops near by.  Valley of Fire is more remote, but I think the views are more spectacular. Mouse Tank is a very easy hike (more like a stroll). Out of all of the hiking we’ve done this year (read about it here, and here ) I think the White Domes trail has been our favorite.


Red Rock Canyon


Red Rock Canyon


Red Rock Canyon


Valley of Fire, Mouse Tank Trail


Valley of Fire, White Domes Trail


White Domes Trail, Valley of Fire

There are so many things to do in Vegas. I didn’t include any excursions, but this Trip Advisor list is a great resource for that. My brother took his family to do the dune buggy tour, they absolutely loved it.  Something we haven’t been able to do, is go to a buffet. The locals have told us that Ceasars’ and the Cosmopolitan have the best buffets on the strip. I’m happy to say that I was so wrong about Vegas (read about it here) there really is something for every one here!

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What’s your favorite thing to do in Vegas?  Let me know in the comment section!

9 thoughts on “10 Things You Must Do in Las Vegas (Travel Review)

  1. LOVE this list! I’ve never seen the Vegas show, I’ll add that. I have to tell you though – the odds are terrible at Paris! We prefer to gamble in the Gold Nugget. Our must do is to stay off the strip at the JW Marriott on Rampart Road. Awesome gym and pool, close to Red Rock, and I love a Mexican place near there…I can’t remember the name though. Will you miss it?


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